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Castro Valley Sports Foundation

About CVSF

CVSF mission is to continue on in perpetuity as a fund-raising vehicle for community groups and organizations active in supporting and improving sports and athletics in Castro Valley.

We are a 14 volunteer-based member of the board that facilitates fundraisers that bring funds to our grant program. Our fundraiser events and the sponsorship dollars goes directly to help widen and sustain sports participation that values personal integrity, team and leadership skills. Our fundraiser sponsorship packages vary across three major events: 1) Bi-Annual Hall of Fame 2) Annual Golf Tournament and 3) Annual Lake Chabot Trail Challenge Half Marathon & 5K.

The board members shown above starting from the front left to the right are Cal Sakamoto (VP) ; Rachel Lunt (President); Tojo Thomas, Rob Stiving; and Sandy Stiving. Now, from the back left to the right are Jennifer Oliver; Karl Pacheco (Secretary); Frank Melon; and Mel Ashford. Other board members that are not shown in the photo are Barbara Klews, Candace Giuntoli, Ted Riche (Former President), Patrick Ryken, Bruce Johnson, Michele Nicol (Treasurer) and Mark Peterson.

We are always looking for new board members who share the same passion for our community. If you are that person, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Lunt at [email protected]

Board of Directors

Rachel Lunt, President

Barbra Andersen

Cal Sakamoto, Vice President

Mark Peterson

Karl Pacheco, Secretary

Ted Riche

Candace Giuntoli, Web

Frank Mellon

Michele Nicol, Treasurer

Rob Stiving

Mel Ashford

Bruce D. Johnson

Jennifer Oliver

Tojo Thomas

Founding Members

Dick and Carol Bigelow

Robert and Pat Duey

James and Barbara Knuppe

George and Lyn Pacheco

Bob and Rhonda Turney

Martin and Gloria Capron

Rick and Claudia Felson

Brian and Denise Morrison

Richard and Lorraine Reis

Ivan and Joanne Cornelius

Tim and Francine Fiebig

Ken and Robin O'Donnell

Christian & Christine Rutishauser